Affaire Royale

a queen and her little, bulky knight

The life of a queen can not be called easy, especially when she has to carry a long train on her daily promenade. Luckily her little knight, brave and blessed with a considerable girth, is always on the spot – although most of the time not on the right one… 

With courageous dedication he protects his mistress, keeping her spirits high with wit and charm and serenades her with melodies from his accordion.

Through their adventures with the commoners, their affectionate and comedic relationship, as well as the queen’s train, are put to the test – but of course, always ending ‘happily ever after’.


Affaire Royale

a playful walk-about act with slapstick and charm

moments between beauty, subtlety and hearty laughter


Doris Batzler D

Eva-Maria Michel CH


Deutsch | Englisch | Französisch