Basso doble

Brilliant idea, subtle humor and charm!

A double bass player is on the way to the concert stage. On the leash walks her favorite Bassi, a walking double bass, literally a walking bass.

But the young, playful Bassi does not always want to do what he is told by his owner. Instead of retrieving sticks, Bassi prefers to sniff around in female purses. The attempt to leash Bassi becomes – to the joy of the audience – a wild and crazy disaster. And instead of playing the Hungarian Dances, Bassi prefers to dance them.

Even though Bassi does not always do as he is told: As a string instrument he is not only getting stroked by his owner, but also by the spectators. In doing so Bassi has won over many hearts!

Basso doble is a duo, which sometimes performs “con amore”, at other times “furioso” and which hits the right tone to captivate and inspire the audience in a charming way. The German-Swiss duo allures with a brilliant idea, subtle humor, charm and enthusiasm.

A small piece of great art! A great piece of cabaret!


Walk-Act, which performs for individual viewers and audiences. Suitable for all kinds of events: street theater festival, clown festival, gala, vaudeville, event, conference, company party – and of course for everything that deals with classical music!

Winner of the special award at the Internationales Gaukler- u. Kleinkunst-Festival Koblenz 2004.


Doris Batzler D

Eva-Maria Michel CH

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